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We aren't your typical gym. We don't sign you up and forget about you. Here at The Ranch we are with you every step of the way. We encourage you to unleash your potential and to strive beyond what you ever thought possible.

Our goal is to create a better athlete through our unique training systems, result driven performance and competitive environment. We define the athlete as anyone striving to better themselves in sport and life. Our distinctive training structure and peer supportive culture provides our athletes with room to grow and gives them the tools to achieve both short and long term goals with a healthier mind and body. Our vision is to take every athlete to the next level.


Seth Kotelnicki
Endurance Coach
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I have always enjoyed pushing my physical limits, but my passion for athletics and fitness really excelled while in the Marines. To me being physically prepared took on a whole new meaning while being deployed, especially after injuring my back, which resulted in two back surgeries. Before combat, fitness was something that I enjoyed and I worked out to look good, but once I was deployed, I learned that your life depended on how fit you were both in long and short term situations. After the surgeries I was taken back mentally and physically to the beginning and had to start my life over again. 

My goal and drive as a coach is to prepare athletes for the demands that will be placed upon them both physically and mentally, while keeping their health in top priority. I want to prevent others from losing years from their life due to an injury that could have been prevented.

If you don’t care for your body, where do you plan to live?

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The Ranch Kudos...

"I have been lifting weights for a long time. But when I got into CrossFit I realized how important raw strength and power was (especially if I planned on competing). I began training with Rick Arora on a daily basis during my senior year of college and saw improvements immediately. Rick began tinkering with my technique and teaching me new ways to mobilize which would lead to better performance. Within two months my back squat and deadlift increased by 75 lbs and 60 lbs respectively. The strength and speed work that Rick taught me led to huge gains in my Olympic lifts as well. It has completely changed the way that I will be training from here on out. Rick Arora has a wealth of knowledge and being a CrossFit coach myself, I love picking his brain and learning new ways to train my own athletes."

Daniel P. Bove
Kinesiology Major
The Pennsylvania State University