Programs & Classes

Personal Training in a Group Setting

Our group programs are designed to train the "whole athlete" integrating not only strength and conditioning but mobility, flexibility, form and motivation. Our focus is to keep you uninjured, inspired and constantly improving. We will challenge you.

Classes are coach led and programmed with individual attention and focus on each person's unique needs, level, and experience.


Free Week Trial

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Strength & Endurance Programs

Our Strength and Endurance Programs focus on making a well rounded individual that is both stronger and healthier, whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete. The strength program is built around essential exercises to make anyone a stronger athlete with a well rounded foundation. Our endurance program is a very specialized program that helps keep athletes injury free and capable of much more. Either way, we promise you will become a stronger, faster, and healthier athlete!

Tactical Program

The Tactical Program is specifically designed with LEO, Firefighters, Medical, and Military in mind. We understand that your needs are not that of the average athlete or person. We will prepare you for the grueling conditions of the real world and help you become a dominant force.  

Membership Fees

1 Month Contract - $200 /mo
3 Month Contract - $180 /mo
6 Month Contract - $160 /mo
12 Month Contract - $150 /mo
9 Session Punchcard Contract - $120 /punchcard

Monthly contract classes are UNLIMITED. Attend as many class times as you need within your contract period.

Punchcard contract class sessions can be used anytime within a 2 month period ($13/per class).

Class Schedule

We offer several class times during the day. Each class session begins on the hour and runs approximately 1 hour in duration.







To view our current class calendar or sign up for a class click here.
We are looking into expanding out morning and evening classes. Feel free to Contact The Ranch with class times or program suggestions that you would like to see us offer.


Online Training (Remote Programming)

If you don't live in the area but would like the benefits of training at the Ranch, the online training option is right for you. We offer online remote programming for all of our classes. Regardless of your goals or proximity, we can help you.

Online Training Fee - $100/1 month

To gain access to email communication with the coach, a monthly online program, and video resources Contact The Ranch.

Personal Training

For specialized one-on-one attention we offer personally coached sessions.
$500/1 month
- Includes 6 private sessions plus unlimited group classes.

Specialized Athletic Programs

We offer various sport specific athletic programs, clinics, seminars, and outdoor classes throughout the year. These programs are designed to inform, improve, and inspire individuals to train better, perform their best, and enjoy their passions. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of upcoming Ranch events!

The Ranch Athletics Outdoor Experience

Take your fitness from the gym to the outdoors! Sign up with your gym buddies for one of our fun outdoor adventure trips and come experience amazing places with us. As a Ranch Athletics' member, you will have access to our outdoor classes, backpacking/hiking trips, points of interest tours, and guided adventures. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook Meetup Page for upcoming adventures and details.

The Ranch needs your feedback. Contact The Ranch with class times or program suggestions that you would like to see us offer.