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Inside the Box

Monday, November 30, 2015

Checking the boxes as we go through life, that’s the point…right?

After my time in the Marines and the combat tour I had, I came back with life figured out.  I had to start checking off the boxes and have a life.  I got married, I bought a house, I got the animals and I was going to have kids.  I was going through the motions; I was going to be happy, I was supposed to be happy… but I was nowhere near happy and I didn’t understand.  Society told me this is how it works. 

Here is what I have learned since. Many people are freaking miserable, they are slaves to their jobs, they go home to loveless relationships, they are confined by endless restraints, but yet they somehow endure just so they can die.  So why in the world was I following in their footsteps or listening to their advice?  Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against marriage or social constructs, so long as you know what is truly allowing you to live and experience life to the fullest. 

So, here is a little secret, we are all going to die.  No matter what you choose to do or what happens, the end result will always be the same.  I have since learned from my time in the Marines that in order for me to truly live and not just endure, I need to be outside exploring the world.  I need to physically pursue bigger challenges.  I need to go all out in life and take in everything I can.  Live, love, and die passionately, aggressively and to your fullest capacity.

Worry about your own shit and get after it.  The boxes in life that need to be checked are for you to decide, not for others.  

Food for Thought

Friday, October 31, 2014

A school of fish moves as a well-organized symphony, they dart swiftly through the water.: Effortless harmony.

Then you walk into a market place to grab a few items and move on:  F’ing chaos.  Are you kidding me? Carts are left in the aisle as the person pushing it sloths over to sample food.  Kids crawling on the floor, wiping their snotty little noses all over the items, you would have liked to have purchased.  People are moving in every direction but forward: complete disarray.  How hard is it not to be a complete idiot and pay attention to your surroundings?  Or, if you do mess up or do something dumb, simply say I’m sorry or excuse me.  

The middle of the aisle is not the place to have a phone conversation, or a place to decide what you should have had on your grocery list!  If you’re going to call your wife like we all need to on occasion, do it out of the way. You’re not the only one in the store, I know, I know, shocking! Taking “survival of the fittest”
 out of the equation and allowing everyone to survive disrupts the natural flow of life. 

Ok, now that I’ve probably pissed a few people off, and I have had a chance to relax, my rant is over.

Nature is beautiful; we are not.

P.S. Babe, shopping is done for the week, thank God. 

Prove Them Wrong

Monday, July 07, 2014

I spent part of my weekend reading, and I came across an article in which the athlete was talking about wanting to prove all his haters wrong.  I took pause for a moment and really thought about this.  I use to think in a similar fashion and I use to think how nice it is to work hard and prove others wrong, to prove that you are capable.  Then I thought about the times I have done that and what it got me; nothing.  Those people still didn’t care and they still complained about something.   If you’re out there to prove others wrong, you’re just trying to please people and do things for others.  It’s a waste of your time.  How about doing things for your self and for reasons that are worthwhile?

Don’t confuse this with giving up when you’re told you won’t be able to do something.   So long as you’re pursuing a passion and dream of your OWN, and it is something that you truly want and that makes you happy, stay the course.  Just don’t let trying to prove others wrong, or please others be your driving force.  Somewhere along that road you’re going to wake up lonely and having not accomplished anything for yourself. 

Life’s too short to let people who don’t care define your life. 

Dreams can evolve, or change.  It’s ok.  You only have one life to live, don’t waste it on things that don’t truly matter.  Ask yourself these two questions.  If I had all the money in the world, would I still be doing this?  If I were sitting up in heaven and I was given a chance to go back to earth for a week, what would I be doing?  


Friday, April 11, 2014

I was reading the book "Power: A Scientific Approach" by Dr. Hatfield, and in the book he said something to the effect of not being stressed in sports and trying to deal with it.  He says if you are stressed, you are coping and if you’re coping that means you’re the underdog, and he’d rather just dominate every sport instead. 

I like it Dr. Hatfield, -DOMINATE!-

Damn straight people, be a dominant force in everything you do.  I know how ludicrous this may sound but the Marines taught me a level of confidence that no matter what, I think I’m going to win, and not just win, but dominate.  Yes, I know logically this is impossible, but that mindset is freeing, revitalizing, and essential if you’re going to perform your best.  If you let the mind go the body can perform it’s best, and nothing will hold you back.   Get in the habit of not shying away from challenges and not fearing the outcome.  FUCK IT.  Go in there 100% and live! 

I don’t want to hear my training hasn’t been going well, I won’t do so well, I cannot, I dunno, maybe, or any other horseshit like that.  You’re already accepting defeat mentally.  That’s for the weak, that’s for the underdog.  Let go of what you cannot control, tell yourself you can do this, and then do it.  For those who don’t have this, this will not make sense, but put it into practice and keep telling yourself these things, and it will click.  It’s kind of like The Matrix, take this pill and you will be set free. 

One last thought. Think about it this way, if you’re going into combat and in your mind you’ve accepted defeat or that you may not live… well… shit that sucks.  Go in guns blazing and with your head held high. 


Weekend Get Away

Monday, March 31, 2014

I heard Navy SEAL commander Mark Divine once say never quit in the dark and the resonance of those words have really stuck with me.  Those words are fitting to my personality and what I had been taught in the military…  NEVER QUIT IN THE DARK.

Last weekend my girlfriend and I took off for a weekend get away to stay in a cabin and relax.  We both knew it had been long over due for us to get away and relax.  We all need a break at times, so don’t wait for it, make it happen.  I will do it tomorrow, or I will do it next week, are just sayings that will never happen. Words are meaningless without action to back them up.  Make a decision and go with it.  Anyway, we made it happen and we arrived in Truckee late friday night after work. - This of course was after we stopped on our way at In n Out burger, where my girlfriend proceeded to pound down two double-doubles, fries, and a milkshake.  What a champ. - The fresh cool air, the unlit streets, the silence all started to sink in, and we began to relax for the first time in weeks.  We both knew at that moment that the weekend was going to be a good one.  

The next morning we were able to lay in bed until we naturally awoke without an alarm clock or without the sound of neighbors playing loud music.  Even then after waking, neither of us moved for a good half hour, we had nothing we had to do and we carried no worries of the future.  Having that sweet woman in my arms is a gift I made sure to enjoy.    After finally getting our lazy asses out of bed we had a chance to mill around and slowly make breakfast.  This was my first time using a coffeemaker that grinder the beans for me.  I had one hell of a time figuring out how the damn contraption even went together and by time I had my first cup of coffee I had whole beans floating in the coffee cup, interesting. Thirty minutes later I had a watered down cup of coffee, but coffee none the less.   I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and the situation, and I could see the amusement on Erin’s face.  Oh, well…  Breakfast went about the same way, I’ve cooked bacon nearly every day for years and some how I manage to burn the hell out of it.  agh, oh well, breakfast was still a success.  

Eventually we made our way outside for a casual bike ride that led us into the town of Truckee for some morning ice cream. Hey, don’t judge, I know you’ve done it too.  We continued the course of the weekend and just not giving a damn and enjoying each other’s company as we headed over to the local climbing store to look around and converse with some of the local climbers.  From there it was back to the house.  Oh yeah, on our way to town we had the opportunity to bomb down a big hill on the bikes and take the bikes around some fun curves.  I’m sure I had a grin from ear to ear and I looked like a damn idiot passing cars on my way down the hill.  Sometimes its best to let go and be a kid again.  Problem was we had to get back up the hill and seeing as how Erin had run 23 miles the morning prior her legs were burning.  Thank God we got off and walked those damn bikes.  Come hell or high water I would have biked the thing, but let’s just say I had a better time walking.   That evening we made our way to lake Tahoe for dinner and the chance to see an amazing sunset over the lake. 

Yup, if i hadn’t handed over my man card already for my girlfriend out eating me, not knowing how to use the coffee maker, or for walking my bike, I did now.  - 

I think Erin and I should just start having them bring the check out with the steak dinner. Once the filet mignon and the New York strip steak arrived it was all business and neither of us had time to talk to each other.  Five minutes later it was time to head home.  By time the waitress came back by to ask her standard question of how is everything ,we both slid our plates her way and asked for the check. On a side note, Jason’s Bar and Grille in King’s Beach was good, and we will definitely be going back.   After that it was time for my ice cream and a movie.  Escape Plan with Arnie and Sly was legit.  Who cannot love the action movies with these guys in it?  By the way thanks to my girlfriend putting up with my taste in movies. 

Sunday morning started the same way as Saturday except I had learned how to make a mean cup of coffee by then.  From there we proceeded to pack up and head out to Donner Pass for some trad climbing.  This was Erin’s first time trad climbing and it turned out to be a blast.   She, in her good nature and fun spirit pushed through her fear of climbing and made it up three pitches of climbing.  I will admit at one point I had to go out on the face of the rock near the top and thought to myself oh shit she is going to be pissed at me for having to climb this.  However, once she rounded that corner I saw the biggest smile on her face as she yelled out how fun and scary that was.  Dude, I was totally stoked, and proud of her.  Those moves that push you to the edge of being uncomfortable are the most rewarding, and to see her push through was the best part of the day, hell, maybe even the weekend.  After packing the rope and gear up we took a few of the standard selfie photos on the peak and hiked our way back down through the snow.  Our weekend concluded with a drive home full of laughs and reenactments of the weekend.  I couldn’t have asked for a better time or a better person to spend that weekend with.   Sure there was plenty of things that could have been annoyances, but we let the stress go and we kept a healthy perspective on the situation.


Get away and let it all go once in awhile, and do it sooner than later.  As for quitting in the dark, don’t do it.  Wait for clarity of the day and mind before making decisions, be rational, and be confident.  This weekend reminded that mindset and perspective matter.  Most of our daily troubles are minor and only part of the bigger picture, or in other words symptoms of the problem.  

Thanks to everyone that made the weekend happen for us!  

Lessons From 2013

Friday, January 03, 2014

2013 was definitely among one of the most eventful years of my life.  As with any situations I try my damnedest to learn and grow from it.  Here are a few lessons I took away from this year

Live life: Take risk, seek adventure, fully commit to the moment and experience it to the fullest.  Don't sit by and watch life go by you.  We all carry some level of hidden reserve, we block off emotions, we prevent ourselves from living.  Stop it.  

Get out and play:  That trip to Zion or where ever you have been day dreaming of going isn't going to just happen.  Get in the car and go, jump on that plane and go.  Yep, you've listed off 20 excuses why you cannot do it already.  Shut up, I don't want to hear them.  I had a hundred reasons why I couldn't. It took a special someone to just say "we are going".  If it's important enough, you will figure it out and make it happen. 

Take advantage of what you have:  Look, the fact that you are reading this, means you a computer and internet access, therefore, you're privileged.  We live in America and have so many things in our lives, yet, we are dreaming about the grass on the other side of the fence. Do I need to say more?  

Positive thoughts make positive things happen:  I've known this for years, but I always get slapped in the face by it, again and again.  Don't feel sorry for yourself.  Stay focused, positive, and moving forward.  Your mindset has so much to do with how you feel, act, and carry yourself.  

Take care of the person next to you:  Many of the Marines I've met while I was in the Marine Corps feared one thing above all; not being able to be there for their buddies.  Ya, it's no fun to be shot at, it's hard to get up and carry on when you're tired and beat down, but the worst feeling was letting down your fellow Marines.  It was drilled into us that your mistakes, your actions, and your failures would probably not get you killed, it would get the Marine next to you killed.  For some reason this message clicked with me in my personal life outside of the Marines this year.  That significant other you're with, take care of them.   Let your thoughts, actions, and behaviors be guided by love.  If you view yourself as a team, and you take care of them, everything becomes clear and simple.  Most of the fights you've had with friends, family, significant others are pretty damn stupid.  If you would view yourselves as a team, the problem changes and the answer becomes attainable.  Be there for each other.  

2014 is no different from last year or the year before.  Change will not happen until you make it happen.  Change the mind and the rest will follow.  Take action now, not tomorrow.  Tomorrow never comes...

Veteran's Day: Perspective

Monday, November 11, 2013
“The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps! -Eleanor Roosevelt

Why, thank you Eleanor.

These last six months have been hectic; I lost a wife, job, house, all my money, my dogs, and 90% of my stuff, all while starting a business.  Despite all that, I'm doing pretty damn good, and I'm actually happier than I have been in a long time.  Why?  Because of mindset.  An unbeatable mind and spirit takes time to grow and I'm sure as hell still working on mine, but part of developing it comes from perspective.  

Marines have it the best, in a weird round about way; we get to fly to foreign places and shoot people at the age of 18.  Talk about perspective.  Try going days without food, days without sleep, weeks without showers, months without basic amenities, dealing with extreme heat, extreme cold, getting shot at, losing friends, taking lives, combat jacks,  diarrhea while on patrol, using rifles as pillows,  mortar fire, horrible porn,  no women/deserts roses, heavy ass packs, heavy machine guns, giant bugs, sand, more sand, sand storms, so and and so forth.  You learn a lot, and you either cope with it, or you break down.  I mean what is the worse that has happened to most of us by that age?  We did not turn in a paper during high school, or our high school sweetheart broke up with us?  Really, not much.  Point being; it's all about how we perceive and view things presented to us, it can always get worse.  So focus on the good and quit feeling sorry for yourself.  NEVER FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF.  Love the people you have in your life more, cherish what you have been given, protect what matters in your life, and be a badass.  Never give up control.  

To all my fellow Marines, you guys are a bunch of filthy animals.  I would trust you with my life, but stay the hell away from my girlfriend, sister, and mom, you horrid creatures. Keep that warrior spirit alive gentlemen.  

Keep your life in perspective, and always know you can handle more,



Don't Get Greedy; Stay Disciplined.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Don't get greedy; stay disciplined.

For nearly 5 years I have lived in pain, constantly having to think about my back and what I can and cannot do in the day.   It sucked.  I finally think I've found the right road to recovery,it's a slow, long, steady road, but a pain free road, so I will take it. 

After being a Marine and learning to enjoy suffering, I have had to learn a whole new mentality, and it's one of higher discipline.  I hate it, let's be honest, but again, I'm pain free.

A month or so ago I went down to Crossfit San Fransico to see Roop for some personal training/physical therapy for my back. I was in pain again and fed up with it. At that point I was will to pay any price to get it fixed. I had constantly been trying to work it out on my own and be stubborn about it, but sometimes you need help damn it.  Anyhow, he got me moving again and retaught me to squat and deadlift. After a week or so of over doing my mobility work and making my problem worse, I have balanced it back out and I'm doing pretty damn good.  I was no shit only able to squat 75lbs a month ago, and I was working my ass off for it, but it's progressing.  It took Roop telling me my max effort was only going to be around 20% or so of what I may be able to move, and my girlfriend getting on my ass to stay disciplined and take it slow like Roop told me too to get my head on straight.  So, I'm doing exactly that, even though when I'm feeling good I want to get after it.   I cannot get greedy or I will end up back where I was. 

So don't be a damn idiot like I was.  If you're injured, you're injured.  Get help, get it taken care of, and do it right. Don't suffer needlessly through it, otherwise you'll end up in a lot of pain and a hell of a lot weaker than you were.  Take the long steady road; stay disciplined, and don't get greedy. 

It took me 5 years to learn this lesson, so hopefully you don't have to learn it the hard way like I did.  

Thanks Roop, Erin, and all the other people who put up with my shit.

Stay strong,

Seth K


Smashed to Hell

Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Well here it is.  You’re not foam rolling or taking your mobility nearly as seriously as you should be.  I work on this shit daily, but what I found out after going to Crossfit San Francisco is that I was being a bitch about it. Yeah, I smash on a pvc pipe and really get after it, but I did not understand really getting after it until Roop worked me into near submission.   After foam rolling/smashing you should feel like sleeping for the next 30 hours of your life, if not, you are not doing it right.  Get in there, make it hurt, breathe, and then do it again.  Once it’s time for bed, do it again. 

I have also been going to Monsters of Massage in Newcastle once a week for an hour at a time, and they have been working the hell out of me there too.  Same story, if you don’t feel like you’re being tortured, then it’s probably not doing your body much good.

What I have come to understand from this is that after creating such high muscular tension in the body from moving big weights or after jacking your body up, you have to go to some pretty aggressive measures if you want results.  The autogenic inhibition effect doesn’t come with rolling around on a foam roller; it comes with smashing the piss out of your body. 

Get after this 2x a day and go 10x harder than you think is acceptable. 

By the way, thanks Roop.

Seth K


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have always thought about this and worked on it, but recently with all the major events in my life and after hearing Elliot Hulse say, “become the better version of you”, I have spent even more time on this. Growth

I don’t understand being inert, stagnate, lazy, unproductive, so on, and so forth. Why are you not trying to always better yourself in every facet of your life?  Physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way!  And why are you allowing the past to hold you back?

You have a chance to wake up every day and be better. Take a risk to try more, love more, be more, and become more.

Break through weaknesses in the gym, on the field, in life, grow in your relationships, become more articulate, expand your knowledge, love more, take care of yourself, take care of others, and strive to do better.

Fucking Grow

I have made some mistakes repeatedly, and I caught myself accepting it as who I was and who I will always be. BULLSHIT!  That’s accepting defeat. DON’T EVER GIVE IN.    Fight until death, literally. 

I will not be the one who continually makes the same mistake over and over.
I will not be the one who lets my past hold me back and restricts future growth.
I will not be the one who just accepts life as it is, and becomes taken away by it.

I will grow, and tomorrow I will wake up a better man, next week I will be an even better man.  You will have no idea what I can and will become in the future. All while you stay the same. 

 Quit being afraid, you cowards.