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The Ranch - Friday, October 31, 2014


A school of fish moves as a well-organized symphony, they dart swiftly through the water.: Effortless harmony.

Then you walk into a market place to grab a few items and move on:  F’ing chaos.  Are you kidding me? Carts are left in the aisle as the person pushing it sloths over to sample food.  Kids crawling on the floor, wiping their snotty little noses all over the items, you would have liked to have purchased.  People are moving in every direction but forward: complete disarray.  How hard is it not to be a complete idiot and pay attention to your surroundings?  Or, if you do mess up or do something dumb, simply say I’m sorry or excuse me.  

The middle of the aisle is not the place to have a phone conversation, or a place to decide what you should have had on your grocery list!  If you’re going to call your wife like we all need to on occasion, do it out of the way. You’re not the only one in the store, I know, I know, shocking! Taking “survival of the fittest”
 out of the equation and allowing everyone to survive disrupts the natural flow of life. 

Ok, now that I’ve probably pissed a few people off, and I have had a chance to relax, my rant is over.

Nature is beautiful; we are not.

P.S. Babe, shopping is done for the week, thank God. 

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