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Inside the Box

The Ranch - Monday, November 30, 2015


Checking the boxes as we go through life, that’s the point…right?

After my time in the Marines and the combat tour I had, I came back with life figured out.  I had to start checking off the boxes and have a life.  I got married, I bought a house, I got the animals and I was going to have kids.  I was going through the motions; I was going to be happy, I was supposed to be happy… but I was nowhere near happy and I didn’t understand.  Society told me this is how it works. 

Here is what I have learned since. Many people are freaking miserable, they are slaves to their jobs, they go home to loveless relationships, they are confined by endless restraints, but yet they somehow endure just so they can die.  So why in the world was I following in their footsteps or listening to their advice?  Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against marriage or social constructs, so long as you know what is truly allowing you to live and experience life to the fullest. 

So, here is a little secret, we are all going to die.  No matter what you choose to do or what happens, the end result will always be the same.  I have since learned from my time in the Marines that in order for me to truly live and not just endure, I need to be outside exploring the world.  I need to physically pursue bigger challenges.  I need to go all out in life and take in everything I can.  Live, love, and die passionately, aggressively and to your fullest capacity.

Worry about your own shit and get after it.  The boxes in life that need to be checked are for you to decide, not for others.  

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