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Prove Them Wrong

The Ranch - Monday, July 07, 2014


I spent part of my weekend reading, and I came across an article in which the athlete was talking about wanting to prove all his haters wrong.  I took pause for a moment and really thought about this.  I use to think in a similar fashion and I use to think how nice it is to work hard and prove others wrong, to prove that you are capable.  Then I thought about the times I have done that and what it got me; nothing.  Those people still didn’t care and they still complained about something.   If you’re out there to prove others wrong, you’re just trying to please people and do things for others.  It’s a waste of your time.  How about doing things for your self and for reasons that are worthwhile?

Don’t confuse this with giving up when you’re told you won’t be able to do something.   So long as you’re pursuing a passion and dream of your OWN, and it is something that you truly want and that makes you happy, stay the course.  Just don’t let trying to prove others wrong, or please others be your driving force.  Somewhere along that road you’re going to wake up lonely and having not accomplished anything for yourself. 

Life’s too short to let people who don’t care define your life. 

Dreams can evolve, or change.  It’s ok.  You only have one life to live, don’t waste it on things that don’t truly matter.  Ask yourself these two questions.  If I had all the money in the world, would I still be doing this?  If I were sitting up in heaven and I was given a chance to go back to earth for a week, what would I be doing?  

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